TELEFUNKEN Studios is based around a modest sized control room situated directly next to the microphone manufacturing and assembly laboratories. While the central location of the control room and isolation booth makes for a positive work-flow between the assembly and testing technicians, audio tie lines connect the main assembly area to the control room.

This main assembly area can also double as a full on sound stage as it has the massive dimensions of 49′ x 52′ with 35′ ceilings. The space has been acoustically designed with non-parallel surfaces through out, complete with a 625 sq. foot dance floor. In addition, there is both a ground-level and trailer level truck-loading bay into which a semi-trailer can be backed and unloaded (in case someone decides to drop off a full sound reinforcement system, piano, etc.).

Within the control room of TELEFUNKEN Studios resides an API 1608 console, along with a Pro Tools HDX system and an excellent selection of pre amplifiers, compressors, EQs and EFX. In addition to a veritable cornucopia of hardware from the ages, the studio also employs TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik’s rather extensive collection of benchmark vintage microphones from which historic accuracy for the company’s Diamond Series is derived.

Services include recording, over-dubbing, editing, mixing, mastering, archival and analog to digital transfers, as well as mobile and location recording. In addition to the audio services, TELEFUNKEN Studios also offers an expanding line of video filming and editing.